Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Studio Not Worried of Assassin’s Creed Copying Accusations

October 1, 2014Written by Alex Co

Shadow of Mordor Kill

Earlier this year, Ubisoft developer Chris Randall accused Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor studio — Monolith Productions — of stealing animations and code from Assassin’s Cred II.

Now that Shadow of Mordor is out, Monolith Lead Designer Bob Roberts speaks out on the claims.

I don’t know if vindicated is the right word, because we always knew what it feels like to play…”Once people get their hands on it, they stop worrying about the comparisons and it totally feels like its own thing. There’s so much new going on there thanks to the Nemesis System and the way we combined all the elements to make the world come to life. So we never really got that criticism once people had a chance to play it. As soon as we started showing it, it became clear we had nothing to worry about.

In case you haven’t played Shadow of Mordor yet, make sure you read our review where we give it a 9 and say, “Fantasy fans will probably owe it to themselves to give Shadow of Mordor a shot, especially if they are fans of Tolkien’s work.”

Do you think Shadow of Mordor is too much like Assassin’s Creed? Or was it just a case of the game using some of the same mechanics?

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