Spend $100, Get $15 Back on the PlayStation Store in North America This Month

With so many games coming to the PlayStation Store within the month of October, Sony wants to reward you for spending your money, announcing a Spend $100, Get $15 back promotion that will run from October 1 – October 28 in North America.

Here’s the details:

Starting today, when you pick up a couple of games we’ve got a sweet bonus for you on PlayStation Store — get a $15 credit when you spend more than $100 using your SEN Wallet on PS Store today through October 28th.

For those curious, this offer is valid on both already released games and pre-orders of upcoming titles, with the post highlighting the fact that “all PS4 and PS3 pre-order titles take advantage of automatic pre-load, allowing you to download your pre-ordered games before the release date so that they are ready to play as soon as they’re released.”

Unfortunately, “Each PSN/SEN account may only accrue a total of $15 USD in SEN Wallet credits pursuant to this promotion.” Basically, even if you spend $500, you’ll still only receive $15 credit back.

If you do spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store between October 1 – 28, you’ll receive a redemption code for your $15 credit by November 7 via email, PS3 XMB message, or system notification on PS4/PS Vita. The code must then be redeemed by the end of day on December 5.

Do you plan on spending $100 through the PS Store this month?

[Source: PS Blog]