Escape Goat 2 Out Today on PS4 in North America, Europe Release “Imminent”

Released for the PC in March – and announced for PlayStation 4 in May – Escape Goat 2 is launching for the PlayStation 4 today in North America at $9.99. As for Europe, Escape Goat 2’s main creator Ian Stocker said, “Other territories are imminent.”

The first ever Double Fine Presents game, Escape Goat 2’s goal is to “reach the pinnacle of the Stronghold of Toragos — a structure laden with traps, hidden machinery, lightning machines, and ghostly animals. The theme is transformation: levels change dramatically as you solve them, some of them in a Rube Goldberg type of way.”

In all, there are over 100 puzzle rooms, but you only have to complete half of them to reach the ending. There will also be some “very well hidden” additional challenges.

For those of you hoping to see the game on PlayStation Vita, Stocker said, “I would love to bring this game to your beloved handheld, and will work towards that as soon as MonoGame is operational on Vita.”

Will you be buying Escape Goat 2 today?

[Source: PS Blog]