Minecraft PS Vita Edition Update 1.02 in Test, Fixes Bugs & Crash (Update)


4J Studios confirmed that the update is now rolling out in North America and Europe.

Original Story:

Another update for Minecraft PS Vita Edition is on the way, with developer 4J Studios announcing that patch 1.02 is in testing with Sony right now, meaning it could see release within the next few days.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

  • Fixed a crash on saving a game after resetting the Nether.
  • Fixed an issue causing corrupt save data after Saving/Autosave and then quickly selecting Save and Exit.
  • Fixed an issue with Save Transfer causing players to lose their inventory on re-loading the save.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Nether Portal effect.
  • Fix for Host Options settings not being saved after a Save Transfer.
  • Enabled support for limited time Additional Content (Downloadable Content available for a limited time on the store).

As well, 4J said more DLC packs for Minecraft will hopefully arrive next month.

If you’ve yet to play Minecraft PS Vita Edition, it’s cross-buy enabled with the PlayStation 3 version, and for $5 extra, you can upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version.

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[Source: 4J Studios (Twitter), Minecraft Forum]