Ovosonico, Creator of Murasaki Baby, is Hinting at Possible PS4 Title

A new Facebook post by Ovosonico, the maker of the creepy PlayStation Vita title Murasaki Baby, hints that the studio is working on a PS4 game.

The post, which has the hashtags “#Eggheads,” “#SecretProject,” and “#PS4,” mentions that Ovosonico is bringing in ex-Ubisoft designer Riccardo Landi to help with the upcoming game.

Long-time industry veteran and ex-Ubisoft Montreal designer extraordinaire Riccardo Landi joins Ovosonico as Lead Game Designer on our next secret project.

Sony XDev Europe also hinted at the possibility of a new game on Twitter recently, saying that Sony will be meeting with Ovosonico in the near future.

What do you think about the possible PS4 title? Did you like Murasaki Baby? In related news, Fun Bits Interactive, maker of the PS Vita title Escape Plan, is also working on an unannounced PS4 title.

[Source: Ovosonico (Facebook), Sony XDev Europe (Twitter) via Gematsu]