The Tomorrow Children Gameplay Stream Coming Today, Alpha Begins “Soon”

October 24, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Clearing up what we learned about The Tomorrow Children alpha earlier this week, developer Q-Games said that they “can’t mention the dates just yet, but it’s soon.”

Those of you in “America” who want to participate in the alpha can sign up over here, with only a set number of invites available. If they go over the allotted amount, it’ll turn into a lottery.

As for Europeans, the “invites are going out to PS MVPs and Beta members” only.

If you’d rather just watch some gameplay of The Tomorrow Children, Q-Games President Dylan Cuthbert will be streaming some live on Twitch at 5pm PT/8pm ET today, October 24. They’ll also be giving away codes during the stream.

Finally, as part of a blog post demonstrating the tech behind The Tomorrow Children, Cuthbert revealed these three gameplay videos focused on Cinematography, Lighting, and Geometry. He added, “Without the amazing power under the hood in the PS4 none of them would be possible.”

[Source: Q-Games (Twitter), EU PS Blog]