Studio Behind “One Upon Light” Explains Why the Game is PS4-Exclusive

While there’s a lot of indie games coming out to Sony’s PlayStation 4, it’s mostly dominated by Western developers housed in the US. The team behind One Upon Light — Singapore University Technology and Design (SUTD) Game Lab — is looking to break that trend by being the first-ever studio in Singapore (and in South East Asia, if I’m not mistaken) to launch a PS4 game.

During this week’s GameStart gaming convention held in Singapore, PlayStation LifeStyle had the chance to sit down with Teo Chor Guan and Chuah Chong Yunn, Program Director and Lead Programmer respectively from SUTD Game Lab. One of the questions we thought to ask is why is the game a PS4-exclusive? Wouldn’t releasing it to as many platforms as possible be a more viable option financially?

Chuah Chong Yunn: PS4 yes, it’s because we have an exclusive deal.

Teo Chor Guan: We developed the game on Unity which is definitely cross platform, but I think one of the main considerations was who is the best partner for us to actually get this game out. And Sony is definitely a good partner and when we won the best game award in the Indie Game Festival last year, I guess that got Sony’s attention. Ultimately, our intent was to get the game to the platform it was most suited for. So definitely, after talking to Sony, we thought it was a good relationship and we started an exclusivity deal with them.

Stay tuned this coming week for our full interview with SUTD Game Lab on One Upon Light, developing for the PS4 and more.

One Upon Light will be out in PSN Asia this coming week, while the studio is still sorting out release for US and other regions.