Hellblade Only Needs to Sell 300,000 Copies for Ninja Theory to Break-Even

Ninja Theory can recoup their Hellblade budget by selling only 300,000 copies of the PlayStation 4 title, the developer recently announced.

According to a recent developer diary video, the company is trying to make the game using a budget in-between that of an AAA title and that of an Indie title. Product development manager Dominic Matthews noted that the team believes that although it will cost less to make than some big name games, its quality will stay the same.

We’re taking our work on Hellblade as an opportunity to question the way the games industry has always done things. To see if there’s a better way, a more streamlined way. To create amazing quality on a smaller budget.

The Hellblade team is only comprised of twelve core people, which has allowed Ninja Theory to cut down on the game’s budget. The exact budget that the company is working with was not released.

Hellblade is set to come out sometime in 2015, and it will be a timed PS4-exclusive title. What do you think of the game’s apparently low budget? Do you think it will still be a quality title?

[Source: Ninja Theory (YouTube) via GamesIndustry.biz]