Conan O’Brien Reviews Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Can’t Cross a Street

November 4, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Adding yet another game to his list of Clueless Gamer reviews, Conan O’Brien took Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for a spin recently, offering up his thoughts on Sledgehammer’s new shooter, though be warned as it does contain story spoilers.

Featuring his usual excitement and comedy, you’ll get to see Conan make fun of the funeral scene, kill a bunch of bad guys, shoot some milk, criticize the digital Kevin Spacey’s eyes, fail miserably at crossing a street, and much more.

Unfortunately, Conan didn’t give it a review score, but you can read our Advanced Warfare review, where we gave it a 9.0 and called it “one of the best iterations in the franchise.”

What do you think of Advanced Warfare so far?