Greek Mythology Inspired Game, Apotheon, Coming to PS4 in January 2015

Apotheon, a Greek mythology inspired hack em’ up for the PlayStation 4, is set for release in January 2015. The action side-scroller by Alien Trap Games was initially announced in May this year.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, designer Jesse McGibney said that the developer was excited to announce the release following “a whole lot of” optimizing, beta testing, bug fixing, and paperwork. McGibney also offered some further insight into the game:

Olympus is, as you’re probably aware, the mythical home of the Greek Gods. But in Apotheon, all the Gods have abandoned earth (even the little ones that live in streams, trees, and rocks) and so Olympus has become a pretty crowded place, with Zeus playing host to a lot of displaced divine refugees. Peaceful palaces have turned into bustling marketplaces, squatters have taken up residence in sewers, drunken Satyrs pollute sacred shrines, and armed guards patrol the clouds to keep the peace in the House of Zeus.

Once arriving on the Mountain, you the player can choose to tackle your ascent to the top any way you’d like. There’s a lot to explore, and you’re free to bring the fight to any of the Gods who reside nearby. Crash Apollo’s extravagant party, test your wits against the dangerous forests of Artemis, descend to Hades and back again, or maybe just break into some Agora houses to plunder some shiny Olympian treasure.

The exact release date for Apotheon will be announced closer to the new year.

[Source: PlayStation]