Ubisoft: Playing Assassin’s Creed Unity Offline May Improve Frame-Rate

As Ubisoft is working through the problems people are experiencing with Assassin’s Creed Unity (the next update is coming soon), they created a Current Known Issues page on their forums, detailing what’s being worked on right now and how you may be able to work around certain issues.

One of the biggest complaints so far is regarding the frame-rate. While Ubisoft is still looking into it, they did reveal a workaround for all systems:

  • If playing single player, we suggest that you disconnect from your internet connection (Wi-Fi or network cable). It could potentially improve frame rate.

After suggesting this, Eurogamer tested the game out and, according to them, there are “no game-changing difference to the overall experience.” While they admit playing offline is faster in some cases, “if there is any improvement, it’s very, very small and we’re inclined to think this is just down to the variation in engine load between the two sessions.”

There’s also some other issues that have workarounds, which we’ve placed below:

Unable to Progress Past Sequence 1/Memory 3 if You Started Playing While Downloading the Game (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  • Allow the game to finish downloading and installing. Once finished, you’ll be able to go on within the game. You can check the download progression within your platform.

Matchmaking Co-Op Issues (PS4, PC)

How to join friends in a co-op game?

  • Invite a player into your game-world. NOTE: don’t be in a mission, be in free roam.
  • The player joins.
  • Manually start a co-op mission by going to the marker on the map, or joining the co-op mission from the progress tracker.
  • Co-op will work.

Game Crash and Error CE-34878-0 (PS4)

  • The workaround for this issue is to start the game in offline mode; this way the crash no longer occurs.

Helix Credit Issues (PS4)

  • Players might not receive the total amount of Helix Credits purchased: Restarting the game should refresh the information and display the correct amount.

Have any of these workarounds worked for you?

[Source: Ubisoft Forums, Eurogamer via Videogamer]