One Millions PS4 Consoles Sold in Germany, Heavily Outselling Wii U and Xbox One

According to a recently published German article translated by NeoGAF user Jack cw, Sony has sold one million PlayStation 4 consoles in Germany as of October 21.

Impressively, the amount of PS4 consoles sold in Germany is actually more than all of the Xbox One consoles and Wii U systems sold in the country put together. According to NeoGAF, Nintendo has sold around 350,000 Wii U units as of August, while Microsoft has sold around 170,000 Xbox One units as of August.

Overall, Sony has shipped around 13.5 million PS4 consoles worldwide, making the PS4 is best selling current-gen console as of right now. What do you think about these sales numbers in Germany? Were you surprised at all?

[Source: JPGames via NeoGAF]