New No Man’s Sky Gameplay & Features Being Revealed at PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation Experience event is already going to be filled with an overwhelming amount of playable games, developer panels, new game information, and surprise announcements, but if that’s not enough, Sony and Hello Games are teaming up to hold A Night Under No Man’s Sky for No Man’s Sky at the event.

Not much is known about A Night Under No Man’s Sky, with the video description just saying:

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games will be at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Dec. 6 and 7! Come to this mega fan expo and be the first to see new worlds and gameplay. Plus, spend “A night under No Man’s Sky” with the creator. Tickets are on sale now.

Sean Murray of Hello Games said in the video:

We’re showing something really different. A whole lot of new gameplay and features and things like that.

We’re also going to be doing something completely different. Something a little bit crazy. We’re calling it A Night Under No Man’s Sky. It’s something different, something that hasn’t been done before.

Tickets are still available for the PlayStation Experience over here.