Final Horizon Attacks PS4 & PS Vita Next Week, is Free on PlayStation Plus for Vita Owners

November 26, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Announced this morning as part of the PlayStation Vita PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection in North America and Europe, you may be wondering what exactly Final Horizon is.

Coming to us from Eiconic Games (Total Recoil), Final Horizon is described as a “2-minute tower defense” game, offering a new take on the genre:

A fast-paced action packed strategic tower defense game like you’ve never seen before. Build and upgrade your defenses to fight off the Swarm invaders. Chain enough kills to unleash one of the powerful killstreak attacks. Fight the Swarm across 3 solar systems, 15 planets and over 50 levels. Replay missions and complete over 100 objectives to earn a Platinum Trophy.

In terms of features, Eiconic promises “over 10 hours of gameplay” across the 50 levels, 3D gameplay, cinematic Killstreaks, and evolved enemy AI.

Final Horizon will be released on December 2 in North America and December 3 in Europe for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 at $12.99/€9.99/£7.99. As it doesn’t appear to include cross-buy, PlayStation Plus members will only receive the PS Vita version for free.

What do you think of Final Horizon?