Over 12 World Premieres Happening at The Game Awards 2014

Just a few days away on December 5, The Game Awards 2014 will take place, honoring some of the best games of the year and giving us many world premiere announcements.

On Twitter over the weekend, Producer Geoff Keighley confirmed exactly how many world premieres we can expect:

This Friday night we will showcase more than a dozen world premieres [at The Game Awards]. Which games would you like to see? More to share soon.

After being asked if the world premieres will be trailers for known games or first reveals of new titles, Keighley clarified: “A combination of both. There will be some new game announcements.”

As part of a recent stream on Twitch, Keighley said the world premieres won’t all be “world level, megaton breaking announcements,” but there will be “cool announcements” and “really meaningful updates” on games set to release in 2015.

Keighley also saw the assets for an announcement ‘kind of out of left field,’ and he thought, “‘Wow, people are gonna go crazy for this.'”

At this moment, we only know of Metal Gear Online’s world premiere at the event.

Which 2015 games would you like to see updates on?

[Source: Twitch, Geoff Keighley (Twitter 1, 2) via Dualshockers]