Report: PS4 Outselling Xbox One in India, But Both Consoles Selling Poorly

According to recent data from various retailers and distributors in India, it looks like Sony’s PlayStation 4 is greatly outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One in the country.

However, despite the PS4 selling many more units, the total sales numbers for both consoles are shockingly low. Only around 1,500 Xbox One consoles have been sold in India, and Sony will have only sold around 50,000 PS4 systems by the end of the year. These numbers are much lower than the overall consoles sales, which are well into the millions.

Even so, if the sources are correct, it would mean that Sony has sold around 33 times more units than Microsoft. What do you think about the huge difference in PS4 vs Xbox One sales? Why do you think that difference exists?

[Source: NDTV Gadgets via NeoGAF]