Bad Gamers: Ep 98 – Destiny 1.1 Update and Tales from the Borderlands Ep 1 Spoilercast

On this week’s episode of Bad Gamers, Dan and Chandler talk about the new update for Destiny that has reworked the way exotics are upgraded, and discuss the presence of a new sword wielding enemy roaming the patrols. Past that, both of your hosts break down episode one of Tales from the Borderlands and talk about the differences between both of their experiences. So, make sure to tune in and mind the spoiler warning at 19 minutes in if you haven’t had a chance to play through Telltale Games’ latest adventure.  




What do you think of the recent changes with Destiny? Have you found the Sword of Crota? What did you think of Tales from the Borderlands? Let us know in the comments below, or send your best music puns to @Foolsjoker and @Finchstrife.