The Last of Us Multiplayer DLC Detailed, Adds New Weapons, Perks, and More

The Last of Us is getting some new multiplayer DLC, adding new weapons, perks, masks, and more to the game.

YouTuber SanchoWest recently uploaded some videos showing off what some of these new features and items will be and how they will work in multiplayer fights. It looks like a frontier rifle, a crossbow, a burst pistol, and a tactical shotgun will be included in the DLC, giving players fun new ways to kill each other.

Some new perks were also detailed, including the Lone Wolf perk, which rewards players for moving away from their teammates, and the Lucky Break perk, which gives players more items and ammo when looting a lock box. Numerous masks, hats, and gestures will be added into the game as well, giving more customization options to players.

Currently, there is no release date for the upcoming DLC. What do you think of all these new things being added into The Last of Us? Do you still play the game’s multiplayer modes?

 [Source: SanchoWest (YouTube) via MP1st]