“Pillar” PS4 Trailer Now Out, Soundtrack Released

In case you need a break from all the shooting and killing from most PlayStation 4 games, Pillar is here to save the day. 

Michael Hicks, who’s the designer/programmer and musician for the game has not only released a new Pillar PS4 trailer, but the soundtrack has been rolled out, too.

The trailer above is supposed to give context to the game’s “telling a ‘story’ through gameplay mechanics” idea that Hicks is aiming for. While Pillar is a puzzle game, there are elements of stealth, strategy and exploration mixed in, which you can see firsthand in the video above.

Finally, you can also buy the Pillar OST here, which includes “eight bonus tracks, concept art from the game, a photography album and more.”

Pillar will make its way to the PS4 at some point next year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]