New Evolve Monster, Offline Mode & PS4 Technical Test Detailed

2K and developer Turtle Rock Studios revealed some new details about Evolve today, including information on Wraith, the third playable Monster:

The third playable Monster character is a small, terrifying, stealthy assassin that is quick in her movements and has two exceptionally long blades to deal damage up close. Despite having the least amount of health and armor among Evolve’s Monsters, Wraith’s quick, warping movements allow her to dart around during battle to avoid taking damage.

You can find out more about Wraith over on Evolve’s blog, with a 50-minute interactive gameplay video featuring Wraith placed below:

If you’d prefer to play Evolve’s 4v1 gameplay on your own, Turtle Rock confirmed that there will be a single-player offline mode:

Every character, every map, and every mode in Evolve can be experienced entirely offline as a solo player competing against computer-controlled opponents. Whether playing as the Monster, or hot-swapping between an entire team of four Hunters, Evolve’s unique blend of 4v1 gameplay is particularly enjoyable alone when playing the dynamic campaign, Evacuation, which combines the full array of maps and modes into a highly replayable experience.

Bringing up memories of the PS4 used games video, Turtle Rock revealed how you can play Evolve offline:

2K President Christoph Hartmann said, “2K and Turtle Rock Studios are creating much more than just a competitive multiplayer experience. Evolve‘s addictive and replayable 4v1 gameplay formula creates intense gaming moments whether you enjoy playing alone offline, cooperatively with friends against AI, or competitively against others online.”

While PlayStation 4 owners won’t get the same open beta as the Xbox One will, those of you who participated in the November Big Alpha on PS4 will be receiving an invitation to a new technical test set to begin on January 17.

Evolve launches worldwide on February 10, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: PS Blog]