Best of 2014 Game Awards – Best Action, PSN, Soundtrack and JP Release

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s year-end awards where we name the best game in each genre and then some.

We’ll be rolling out different categories for each day, with the Game of the Year winner named in the final post along with a summary of every award we’ve handed out so far. Astute readers might also notice that there are some genres which are noticeably absent. No, we haven’t forgotten about ’em, but for genres which we think didn’t have a standout game, we avoided naming the best in that category altogether since we think only the best games should get a nod.

Those wondering how each game won, the staff voted on each game in each category, with the most votes being declared the winner.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for another batch of categories and nominees.

Best Action Game Header

 What games won us over when it comes to violence coupled with fantastic gameplay? Check the gallery below to find out.

Those wondering where Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 and the like are, those games are in a completely separate category and we didn’t count remastered games.

Read on for which game won the best musical score and more.