Docs for PlayStation Future Plans Include Premium Content ‘Like Strategy Guides & Art Books’

Launching alongside the PlayStation 4, Docs for PlayStation is what replaced physical instructions manuals for first-party and some third-party PlayStation games, allowing you to view digital manuals of games instead.

With a lot of new people getting a PS4 during the holidays, Sony took the time to talk about Docs and how it can benefit you:

You might have used Docs and not even realized it — you can find the digital manuals on PS4 in a game’s Live Tile (press down when you have highlighted a game on PS4’s Dynamic Menu). Once you’re in, you’ll find guides, tutorials, detailed maps, the latest info on DLC or just a quick controller reference guide.

And if you’re playing and don’t want to pause your game, just go to Docs for PlayStation on your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a web browser, and you’ll find the same content optimized for whichever device you’re using. The website is quick, responsive, and dynamic, so it looks great and is easy to navigate no matter what device you’re on.

In 2015, Sony plans on adding premium content to Docs for PlayStation, which could include strategy guides, art books, magazines, trophy guides, and more.

[Source: PS Blog]