PSN Login Issues Continue, Sony Changes Network Status to “Intermittent Connectivity” (Update)

Update 4 (December 31):

If you did change your MTU during the week, Ask PlayStation now says, “Setting MTU to 1473 was just a temporary fix. Please, restore settings back to normal. Restore MTU back to 1500.”

Update 3:

While the PSN Status page still says there’s “Intermittent Connectivity,” Ask PlayStation tweeted out this message:

Update for PS4 users: We’ve made recent updates to the network that should allow you to sign in without changing MTU settings.

So, if you experienced problems before, try signing in to the PSN now.

Update 2 (1:25pm PT):

As the intermittent connectivity PSN issues continue, Sony created a page on their Support website to help PS4 owners who are unable to connect to the PSN, suggesting that you change your MTU settings.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Navigate to [Settings] > [Network].
  2. Here you will find four (4) options, Choose [Set Up Internet Connection].
  3. Now choose either [Use Wi-Fi] or [Use LAN Cable]
    • If using Wi-Fi – Enter your existing access point password and continue below.
    • If using LAN – Continue below.
  4. Choose [Custom] on the next screen.
  5. Select your normal settings for IP Address Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  6. Select your normal settings for DHCP Host Name. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Specify].
  7. Select your normal settings for DNS Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic].
  8. Select [Manual] for MTU Settings.
  9. Press enter to pull up the keypad and enter a new value and press X.
    • First use the MTU value of 1473.
    • If the connection test is unsuccessful, try the MTU value of 1450.
  10. Select [Next] to continue.
  11. Select your normal settings for Proxy Server. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Do Not Use].
  12. Next – [Test Internet Connection]
  13. You will see a value under (PSN Sign-In – Successful) if this process was successful.

They add, “If this doesn’t resolve your connection issue, please contact your ISP or router manufacturer regarding “packet fragmentation” support.”

Update (11:30am PT):

In response to people experiencing PSN issues, Ask PlayStation said, “At the moment PSN is experiencing Intermittent Connectivity issues, please try again later.”

As for those of you trying to use the Four Games. One Pick redemption website, Ask PlayStation said, “Our Network team is working to stabilize the redeeming website, please try again later.”

Original Story:

It appears we’re not quite out of the woods yet with PSN login issues, as Sony just changed the status of the PlayStation Network from Online to “Intermittent Connectivity,” with this message displayed on their Status Page:

Some latency may be experienced due to high volume. Should you continue to experience problems after PSN services are fully restored please refer to Contact Support.

If you are experiencing issues with the PSN right now, Ask PlayStation offered up these tips to get you back online, though some users are reporting they don’t work:

  • Disconnect your router and console from the power source for 3 minutes, reconnect them and try again.
  • Try going to safe mode and rebuild database: [More Info]
  • Please power cycle your network devices and try again: [More Info]

Ask PlayStation also said, “If you’re trying to reach us by phone or chat, there are very high volumes right now. Other contact methods to try [are here].”

When there’s more info to share about the PSN’s status, we’ll update this post.

Have you been able to use the PSN today?

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