Someone Called 911 Because of the Recent PSN and Xbox Live Outages

The recent PlayStation Network and Xbox Live outages during Christmas time made a lot of people unhappy, and it looks like at least one person was upset enough to call the police over it.

A Florida teenager was apparently so disturbed about the two gaming networks being down that he called 911 dispatch, asking them if they know about PSN and Xbox Live being down after they were allegedly attacked by the hacking group Lizard Squad.

The dispatcher put the caller on hold and checked in with others to see what the kid was talking about before coming back on the line and telling him to “try going outside or read a book.” Although calling the police over something like this is ridiculous, in the kid’s defense the hacking is actually being investigated by the FBI at the moment due to its criminal nature.

What do you think of the 911 call? Or, better yet, what do you think about the dispatcher’s hilarious response?

[Source: WPTVPB County Sheriff (Twitter) via GameSpot]