Sony is Greatly Encouraging Indie Games, Says One Way Trip Dev

According to Michael Frauenhofer, the man behind the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS Vita title One Way Trip, Sony’s encouragement of indie games is causing some developers, like himself, to turn away from Microsoft and Xbox One.

We were initially targeting One Way Trip for PC/Mac while we explored our options as far as bringing it to consoles, but as a tiny two-person team, we also wanted to be aware of our limitations and not spread ourselves too thin on too many platforms if that meant the game quality would suffer.

Eventually, however, it came down to a budget issue, and Frauenhofer and his partner chose to focus on releasing a PS4 and PS Vita version of the game first, partly due to all of the efforts that Sony has gone to to ensure that indie games hit their consoles.

I think the efforts of Sony’s teams in bringing over indies have been hugely positive for both Sony platforms and the industry as a whole. There’s no question at this point that good games can compete and succeed on console no matter the size of the team behind them, so more good games can only be good for consumers, and as a developer you always want the biggest and best platform possible for your games, so we’re super excited to be able to put out a game for PlayStation.

Do you agree with Frauenhofer’s assertion that Sony is encouraging indie game developers to make games for their consoles? What do you think of all the indie games out on the PS4 and PS Vita?

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube) via GamingBolt]