Alien Isolation Gets Safe Haven DLC Today, Includes Salvage Mode

Launching this week on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation Store updates in North America and Europe, the third add-on pack for Alien: Isolation, Safe Haven, includes the new Salvage Mode, which has you trying to survive a series of ten challenges without dying.

Playing as new character Hughes, Sevastopol’s Station’s Communications Manager, Safe Haven sees you trapped in a safe room, with the only chance of survival offered by taking on ten tasks given at the communications terminal in the lower decks of the station. This DLC will require stealth and skill as you face the challenges – a crumbling environment and “the toughest foes.”

Creative Assembly further detailed the content:

In Safe Haven, be ready to experience a different side to Survivor Mode. With a far larger challenge map and only one life to survive with, each level will test your skills with new objectives, a different enemy type, and the risk that one wrong move will be your last.

Completing each challenge will unlock rewards and points, with new items to collect and craft. Gather enough points and you’ll be able to trade them in for a chance to save and bank your progress.

Should you fail at any point, you’ll be taken back to your last saved challenge but it comes at the cost of your final score and the place on our leader boards.

You’ll also receive Marathon Mode in Safe Haven, giving you the option to take on Survivor Mode challenge maps in any order.

[Source: Alien Isolation]