Report: Gunfire Heard in House of SEGA Sammy Chairman, Tokyo Police Looking Into It

Gunfire was reportedly heard from inside the house of Hajime Satomi, the chairman of SEGA Sammy Holdings on Wednesday. Tokyo police are currently looking into the matter, and it was reported that no one inside the house was injured.

NeoGAF member Elija2 broke the news across the gaming forum after spotting a post referencing the incident on the Twitter account of video game composer Hideki Naganuma.

Naganuma went on to say that SEGA Sammy Holdings is cooperating with police as they look into the incident. Currently, no other information on the gunshots have been released, and it is not known if someone was trying to harm or kill Satomi.

What do you think of the reported gunshots? What do you think is the cause behind them?

[Source: Hideki Naganuma (Twitter) via NeoGAF, The Japan Times]