PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.36 Now Available For Download (Update)


Here’s the official statement from Sony about what changed in firmware update 3.36:

Operations quality during use of some applications has been improved.

Original Story:

Late last night, Sony pushed live firmware update 3.36 for PlayStation Vita, which is a mandatory download (124MB) if you wish to use PlayStation Network features.

Sony hasn’t updated either their US or UK PlayStation sites to detail this latest firmware, so we’ll just assume this is another stability patch for the system. If it turns out there’s something more to the update though, we’ll let you know once we hear anything from Sony.

As a reminder, there will be some PSN maintenance tomorrow, January 15, with a PlayStation Store sale in North America this week discounting a variety of PS Vita and PSP games, as well as PSOne Classics.

Have you noticed anything different with update 3.36 on PS Vita?

[Source: Wario64 (Twitter)]