Rack N Ruin for PS4 Tasks You With Enslaving an Innocent Planet

After being in development for more than three years, Rack N Ruin from LifeSpark Entertainment has been announced for PlayStation 4, with a release happening “in the near future.”

A “top-down, action adventure game infused with a classic shmup,” Rack N Ruin features a detailed open world, dungeons, puzzles, secrets, bosses, and numerous, curious items. Unlike other hack-and-slash games though, LifeSpark says the “shooter style combat is fast and hectic,” and the fact that your job is to destroy the world changes things up as well.

Playing as the evil Rack, you are sent by Ruin, the dark master of the universe, to enslave an innocent planet. Increasing your power by corrupting the world and battling the forces of good, you transform the animals into demons, eventually having to face them as well.

Tyler Hunter of LifeSpark added:

Of course, the champions of good won’t just sit around and let Rack have a field day. You won’t get far before the local Dragon Protector Amon shows up to pick a fight. Not that silly self important dragons send shivers down Rack’s spine. Rack is ready for any confrontation with over 25 unique weapons and items to unleash upon the things Rack doesn’t like. Which, in this case, is everything. He can summon options, turrets, bombs that turn into black holes, swirling tornados of fire, and many more contraptions of death.

During Rack’s quest for total planetary annihilation, he meets a colorful cast of characters, each with their own tragic story that plays out in the face of their world’s end. Rack profits from each tragedy by selling the souls of these poor innocents to a creepy wizard to upgrade his arsenal. As the world boils towards the point of no return, and Rack’s power grows, he must decide whether to hand over the reins to his master or jump start the apocalypse.

What do you think of Rack N Ruin? Is it something you’ll keep an eye on?

[Source: PS Blog]