Watch Dogs Sequel to “Carry on Taking Risks,” Says Creative Director

Having shipped nine million copies worldwide and finishing as the eighth best-selling game of 2014 in the US, Watch Dogs is on its way to becoming a successful franchise. When it comes to a potential sequel, we’ve already heard from Ubisoft that “there are parts of the game that will need to change,” with some “radical” ways to fix the flaws from the first game expected.

Interviewed recently by GamesTM,Creative Director Jonathan Morin admits, “I don’t think Watch Dogs is perfect in any way and there’s a lot of room for improvement. But you don’t always see this when you ship a game. We deliver what we believe the brand should be at the time.”

So, to help Watch Dogs 2 from being boring, Morin says they’ll be taking risks:

When you start a new project [and new IP], it’s a blank page and everything you do is what you want to do. With a sequel, there is more pressure to push a brand forward and we now have to appeal to fans in a new way.

You have to carry on taking risks. I will not do this job if there is no risk in it, that would just be boring. You shouldn’t prevent yourself from trying something just because it’s hard and the solution is not apparent.

For the follow-up, Morin wants to expand upon alternate realities because “players loved the idea of other players who create an alternate reality in their games and knowing that now opens up a lot of new possibilities of what online can do.” Additionally, he plans to look at all of Watch Dogs again, including the cut ideas, and decide what might work in a sequel.

What would you have Ubisoft change in Watch Dogs 2?

[Source: Games TM via Eurogamer]