Metal Gear Online Being Built From the Ground Up, Will be “Fun” and “Unique”

Over on Twitter, Metal Gear Online developer Kojima Productions has revealed that the studio is actively seeking fan feedback and suggestions for the online component of the series, but that the team will ultimately do what’s fun. In a series of tweets, the developer said:

We’re building MGO from the ground up with certain design ideas in mind, which includes looking at the past (MGO2/1), as well as creating a unique multiplayer experience. Down the road though we hope to engage in greater detail on all aspects of the game. So while we talk yet on all your requests/queries, know we’re considering everything but will ultimately do what we believe is the most fun. That said, no discussion is closed completely, so certainly voice your thoughts on all aspects.

Kojima Productions isn’t ready to talk in detail about any of the upcoming features yet, but it did say that if a large proportion of players still want some additional or missing features after playing the game, the developer will consider adding them. We’re also reassured that the upcoming MGO isn’t simply a rehash of MGO 2, and that it will be something new.

Would you like to see any features return from the previous games?

[Source: Metal Gear Online (Twitter)]