Get Nihilumbra on PS Vita Later This Month in North America & Europe

Already available on iOS and PC, Nihilumbra from Beautifun Games is coming to the PlayStation Vita on January 27 in North America and January 28 in Europe for $9.99/€8.99.

A “revised version of the game,” Nihilumbra’s control scheme is adapted for the PS Vita, allowing you to paint the world with the touchscreen, while using the control pad to control Born, the main character who is created from a type of anti-matter known as The Void, a dark mass of nothingness. The main antagonist, The Void tries to reabsorb Born and restore balance to the universe.

Beautifun talked about what makes Nihilumbra a different experience:

More than your typical platform game, Nihilumbra’s main feature is the ability to modify the environment through the use of color. There are five colors to find, which grant you various abilities to change the physics of the world. Different colors may solve puzzles or dispatch enemies depending on how you apply them.

There is often more than one way of solving each puzzle, and the ability to paint wherever you please and experiment really adds a unique creative element to the game.

Featuring five worlds increasing in complexity, once you complete Nihilumbra, a surprise is unlocked, with “replayability assured.”

You can check out the trophy list for Nihilumbra over on Exophase.