This Limited Edition 24-Karat Gold DualShock 4 Controller is Super Expensive, and Already Sold Out

Last week, photos of limited edition 24 karat gold DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers surfaced the internet. Made by a company called ColorWare, only 25 pieces of each controller were made, and were being sold for $300 a piece. 

In case you were wondering whether anyone was crazy enough to buy one or not, do note that the DualShock 4 controllers are already sold out. It’s too late to buy one now, but check out a close-up of the controller below.

gold controller 3

According to the company:

The extraordinary new 24k Gold DualShock 4 controller undergoes a complex process to achieve a rich, glossy finish. The controller itself has a highly sensitive six-axis sensor and touch pad that provides you with a whole new method of gaming interaction. It also features improved dual analog sticks and trigger buttons for greater control.

Of course, this is dirt cheap compared to the $13,000 PS4 and Xbox One that launched in Dubai last year.

Who’s picking one up from eBay if they appear on the site?

[Source: ColorWare]