Evolve Balancing Explained by Turtle Rock Co-Founder, Concerns Addressed

After the recent Evolve open beta, which only graced the Xbox One, Turtle Rock Studios addressed balancing concerns, specifically targeting comments that claimed either the Monster or the Hunters were overpowered.

On the official Evolve website, Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton discussed these concerns, explaining that the Hunters only won around 50 percent of the time, meaning that the two teams are well-balanced.

We expected the balance to be good, but the numbers were closer than we thought. Hunters won the majority of rounds by a 1.5% margin – 51.5% of the time versus Monsters winning 48.5% of the time. That’s crazy-talk in any multiplayer game, much less one that is completely asymmetrical. That validates our process and the team. We couldn’t be happier with those numbers.

He then went on to say that while balancing was never a huge concern for the team while developing the game, they were very happy to see that they were spot on in terms of win ratio, and will continue to monitor balancing in the upcoming game.

To be honest, when we started making the game, we never really thought about – or worried about – the balance. That’s just part of the job. We’ve had to work through that with every game we’ve ever made. Our primary concern was always the fun factor. Making sure that the game was incredibly fun for both sides. But I am proud of the balance work we’ve done. Just take a look at what happened with Kraken. We were really pleased to see Kraken fall into place this time. During the Big Alpha he was too strong so we made adjustments and the Beta confirmed we were spot on. He had a 52% win ratio.

Evolve is set to come out on February 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you think of the balancing? Do you think that those numbers seem evenly paired?

[Source: Evolve]