PSLS’ Morning Wood Hiatus Announcement

It’s Saturday morning, and normally I would be welcoming you to another episode of Morning Wood, however, this week I am announcing the indefinite hiatus of this PlayStation LifeStyle weekly video podcast. The truth is that the show has become fairly uninspired and has ended up feeling like more of a chore each week than a genuine passion project. Rather than continue to go through the motions, we’re taking things to the drawing board. This week would have made episode 100, and we think that you deserve more, so if and when there is finally an episode 100 of Morning Wood, we think that will be a great place to have a new beginning. 

Morning Wood began on March 9th, 2013 in a very different place than it is now. It was meant to be a satirical and silly view on games, the industry, and whatever other random bits I wanted to throw in. It was so much fun to think of what to do next! What random shirt would I change into? What would Sebastian ask me? What exactly would I say or do? I loved the header images that D’yani made each week too! You can look at the the full back catalog of Morning Wood articles and header images here. Eventually D’yani joined the show fully and we made it more focused on our lives as a gamer couple.

I really miss what Morning Wood used to be, as I’m sure many of you do too, and D’yani and I can’t continue to do the show in its current state without taking some time to re-examine the value of the show and find out how to bring it back in the right way, if we decide to bring it back at all. Perhaps it won’t even still be Morning Wood at that point. You can help make suggestions and shape our future by emailing us at [email protected]. No matter what happens, we’re very grateful to all of the loyal fans that did stick around for the duration. After nearly two years, for the time being, this is our final good morning, and thank you for waking up with Morning Wood.