Bloodborne “Carries the DNA of Demon’s Souls,” Says Director

After giving us a peek at the character customization options yesterday, IGN posted an interview with Bloodborne Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, where he revealed that Sony approached From Software as they were finishing up Dark Souls on PC. At this point, he said, “Why don’t we start talking about next-gen?”

With the new console, Miyazaki highlighted the PlayStation 4’s Share feature, which is “obviously adding onto that network connectivity and capability and the sharing of the experience [found on PS3]. This is an area which plays a theme in Bloodborne where, for example, sharing dungeons will be one of the key factors.”

Clearly taking some cues from the Souls games, Miyazaki says Bloodborne “carries the DNA of Demon’s Souls and its very specific level design,” with the above ground maps “all along the lines of Demon’s Souls.” What helps keep Bloodborne different though, is the inclusion of Chalice Dungeons, which add an element of randomness to the experience.

Turning to the multiplayer aspects, he explained how exactly it works in Bloodborne:

You still have to go through the matchmaking process. However, there is a workaround where you can use keywords or a secret word and share them with friends. And of course, you can use Chalice Dungeons where you can share your chalice Dungeon with a limited number of friends.

He also touched upon virtual reality in the interview, saying, “I’m very excited for the possibility of Oculus and Morpheus to explore another phase, a new angle, of innovation, and how could I deliver content, game-specific content. That’s something that really excites me.”

Looking ahead to the future, once Bloodborne is wrapped or whenever he has extra time on his hands, he will “start to create or develop or design something new, because that’s the most exciting thing.”

[Source: IGN]