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Contrast Developer Teases Next Game, Involves Drugs and Memory Loss

With Contrast surpassing one million downloads on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, developer Compulsion Games has teased its next project on its official website, and we’re that told it involves “masks, drugs, and memory loss.” The developer swears it’s not about a “swinger’s party,” though. We haven’t been told anything else except the following:

What we can say is that it’s not a sequel to Contrast. We haven’t ruled out doing one in the future, but after so long working on Contrast, we wanted to make something fresh. Something new and exciting. 

Along with this piece of info, Compulsion Games has released the images above and below, leaving us to guess what it’s all about. 

GlimpseWoman copy

Any guesses about what the game’s going to be like?

[Source: Compulsion Games via GameSpot]