Unofficial PS4 Remote Play Can Be Downloaded on Your Android Devices

An unofficial Android app has been created that allows non-Sony Xperia owners to use their smartphones to remotely play PlayStation 4 games.

Called the Remote Play Port APK, the file must be downloaded outside of the Google Play store, which can open your device to various online attacks. If that doesn’t concern you, however, feel free to click here to learn how to download and install the app.

Essentially, the Remote Play Port APK does the same thing that Sony’s official PS4 Remote Play app does — it allows users to use their smartphone or tablet as a screen for their PS4. Unlike the official app, not just Xperia devices can use this program, as the above video shows. Users can either use a PS4 controller with the app, or can use touch controls to play their favorite PS4 games.

What do you think of the unofficial app? Will you be downloading it?

[Source: NightmareTacoGaming (YouTube) via Polygon]