Bandai Namco’s Ray Gigant is a PS Vita Dungeon Crawler, Watch the First Trailer

We finally know what Bandai Namco’s mysterious countdown for “Ray Gigant” is all about. It’s a PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler developed by Demon Gaze developer, Experience. Check out the game’s first trailer above. 

In Ray Gigant, the world is being destroyed by giant creatures called, you guessed it, Gigants. A young chosen boy, Ichiya Amakaze, takes on the creatures himself using a special power called “Yorigami.” Although he defeats the enemy, his power ends up destroying Tokyo. The game features three protagonists; Ichiya Amakaze, a British boy Kyle Griffin, and a 16-year old girl named Nil Phineas. 

Ray Gigant is scheduled to release in Japan this summer. As usual, no word on a Western release yet, but we’ll update our readers when/if more information becomes available. 

[Source: Gamestalk via Siliconera]