Wasteland 2 Heads to PS4 in Summer 2015, Along With New Features and Visual Enhancements

A direct sequel to 1988’s Wasteland, inXile Entertainment is bringing Wasteland 2 to PlayStation 4 in the form of Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition, which includes “tons of enhancements and improvements.”

Set for release in Summer 2015, Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition is a hardcore RPG where you take control of a squad of four Desert Rangers, as well as any followers you pick up along the way, and try to keep the peace in the post-apocalyptic Arizona desert.

As Line Producer Eric Schwarz explained, Wasteland 2 is is a game that reacts to your choices:

Save someone from overgrown mutant honey badgers? Break into someone’s trunk of supplies? Shoot some punk in the street and deliver some “wasteland justice”? The game accounts for your choices and reacts accordingly, and no two experiences will be alike. The fate of the wasteland is in your hands, and the outcomes aren’t black and white.

With the Game of the Year Edition, Wasteland 2 has been ported to Unity 5, allowing for new visual effects, improved characters modes, upgraded environments, and more realistic lighting and shadowing. As well, inXile went back and added new voice-over for key characters and story moments.

Schwarz then discussed the gameplay changes in Wasteland 2 on PS4:

In this new edition, we’re beefing up our existing gameplay and adding some new features. You’ll be able to customize your squad even more with our new Perks and Quirks (traits) to add unique bonuses and characteristics. Our new Precision Strike (aimed shots) system will let you target individual body parts to cripple or stun enemies, or shatter their armor so you can mop them up, giving you even more options in combat. And you’ll need those options, because we’ve been hard at work hand-crafting each battle you’ll find yourself in.

Will you visit the wasteland on PS4 later this year?

Note: The above trailer is from when the PC version launched last year.

[Source: PS Blog]