PlanetSide 2 PS4 Beta Update Notes Revealed, Date for EU Beta Coming This Week

Still playing the PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know that an update is scheduled to hit on March 24. Not only that, but an announcement when the EU beta starts should be revealed this week as well.

Listed below is an overview of the update, which doesn’t list down the “ton of bug fixes” coming in, too.


– Koltyr is a brand new continent for players below Battle Rank 15.

– All new characters start on Koltyr and can leave whenever they want by using the Warpgate Terminal or the World View of the map.

– Koltyr is instanced, meaning there can be multiple versions of the zone available at one time.

– This map is still being developed, so you may notice floating buildings, trees, etc.

Indar, Amerish, and Hossin

– The three remaining continents are now accessible.

– Teleporting between the continents can be done via a Warpgate Terminal or the World View of the map.

PlayGo Download Support

– We now support PlayGo which enables you to play without downloading the entire game. Koltyr will be downloaded first, so you can get playing right away without having to wait for the rest of the continents.


– A 3 second delay has been added to Instant Action and Redeploy and these actions can now be cancelled.

– World View has been added to the map to allow you to change your continent and see the status of each of the continents.

– More map indicators are now visible on each of the zoom levels of the map.


– The Respawn screen has been redesigned.

– Spawn points are now grouped by Regions.

– The list of available spawns use updated logic to give you points where there is fighting happening or where you have squadmates.

– The map on the respawn screen will now show you more indicators, including the actual location of respawn points.

– The respawn map can be zoomed in and out

Additionally, new controller schemes are available as well, which you can see below.



– New controller schemes are available in the settings menu.

– The default control scheme has been updated. Again. Changes:

– Ability: L1

– Grenade: L1+R1

– Spot: R1

– Melee: R3

– Sensitivity settings have been broken out per control type.

– New sliders: Infantry, Aimed, Turrets, Flight, Driver

Once the PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta is available for EU gamers, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. 

[Source: PlanetsiSide 2 Forums]