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Overlord 3 Being Hinted at Via Some Interesting Twitter Posts

March 20, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


It looks like an official Overlord 3 announcement is coming up, as Codemasters just posted a string of humorous Twitter posts hinting at the title.

Posting from two accounts — one being the official Codemasters account and the other being Gnarl’s account (Gnarl is one of the main characters in the Overlord games) — Codemasters plays out a narrative involving Gnarl and his minions coming to Earth and causing havoc. It’s funny, fresh, and definitely looks like a hint at Overlord 3.

What do you think of all the goofy Twitter posts? Are you hoping to see an official announcement about Overlord 3 soon? Be sure to check out Codemasters’ other interesting Tweet, which seems to suggest the company is working on another DiRT game.

[Source: Codemasters (Twitter), Gnarl (Twitter) via IGN]