Nippon Ichi Software President Says Company to Focus Solely on Creating PS4, PS Vita Games

March 23, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


It looks like Nippon Ichi Software will be focusing solely on the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita, company President Sohei Niikawa explained to in a recent interview.

Niikawa mentioned that part of the reason Nippon is focusing on these two systems is because Sony has been giving the company support, allowing it to promote its upcoming games better.

It’s precisely because nobody else is making that big jump that we think there’s value to be had in setting our sights square on PS4. As a result, we’ve received support from Sony and are now able to do things like put out commercials. In that respect from a promotional perspective, there are merits to going the route that we have here.

He also noted that if Nippon on focuses on creating games for older platforms, then the company will “get outclassed pretty quickly.” He also said that by creating more PS4 titles, it will hopefully inspire more fans to go and pick up one of the current-gen consoles.

Nippon Ichi Software also has another game PS4 game coming out this year besides Disgaea 5, Niikawa explained, although no other details on the project have been released. What do you think of Nippon focusing on the PS4 and the PS Vita?

[Source: via Gematsu]