Ironcast, the Steampunk, Mech Battling, Roguelite Game is Coming to PS4, Xbox One

Match-three puzzles, massive robots, and Steampunk weapons all come together in Dreadbit’s Ironcast, which is headed to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One later this year.

The title just fully launched onto Steam today, and it looks pretty awesome. According to Lead Designer Daniel Leaver, who posted about Ironcast on the official PlayStation Blog, the game is a combination of puzzle and Roguelite elements. Players control a powerful mech, which can be upgraded and outfitted with Steampunk technology and weapons.  They then must face off against other mechs in the game’s campaign mode, and must play a match-three puzzles in order to collect resources that may be used to either attack your enemy or defend yourself.

Ironcast looks like a pretty complex little game, and hopefully more information on its console releases will be announced in the coming months.

[Source: PS Blog]