PSN Status Page Indicator Coming Soon to Europe

March 27, 2015Written by Alex Co


While Sony introduced the PSN status page indicator page last week for US gamers, it looks like EU PlayStation fans will be able to take advantage of it soon, too. Yep, that means European PlayStation gamers will also be able to check if PSN is down — provided you don’t read PlayStation LifeStyle since we report on it the moment it happens first. 

According to Eurogamer who talked to Sony, it plans to “add something similar” to the PSN status indicator page, and that it will go live “in the coming weeks.”

If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, the US status page displays the following info and whether that particular category is down:

Account Management – Sign In, Create Account

Gaming and Social

PlayStation Now

Video Unlimited

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Store – Purchase, Download, Browse, Search, Redeem Voucher

This should hopefully alleviate confusion as to whether PSN is really down, or if it’s your own connection that’s having issues.

Let’s hope for all our sake that we won’t need to visit this page often, no?

[Source: Eurogamer]