Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Exclusive Content is a Timed Exclusive

At last year’s PlayStation Experience, it was revealed that Batman Arkham Knight will have content exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

The said bonus content includes the following:

  • Scarecrow Missions
  • Classic TV Batmobile Skin
  • Justice League 3000 Batman Skin
  • Classic TV Series Batman Skin

Well, as is with most digital platform-exclusive items, it seems the Batman Arkham Knight PS4 exclusive content are indeed timed exclusives until “at least fall 2015” according to Amazon.


Given how platform exclusive items have been dealt with by publishers in the past, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Of course, if you’re playing on the PS4, having access to early content is a nice little bonus. To date, we don’t know how much these items will cost for other platforms or whether it’ll be free.

You can check out the Batman Arkham Knight PS4 bundles here, or better yet, check out the latest gameplay video to see what’s in store for you when the game ships on June 23.

[Source: Amazon via Videogamer]