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Editor’s Letter: Establishing a New Site Record in Views, “Inventing an Icon” Site Program Incoming

Earlier this year, I wrote a post announcing that 2014 is the best year PlayStation LifeStyle has had in history when it comes to traffic. Well, I’m happy to announce that just last month, the site once again established a new site record when it comes to views!

Being honest, we’ve managed to establish new traffic records consistently the past few months, but it would look odd (and not to mention annoying) if I made a post announcing it every time, right? Nonetheless, March 2015 is the best month PSLS has had in terms of traffic ever since its inception. While I can’t divulge the exact stats (sorry!), I do want to thank our readers for making all this possible. I’m fairly confident that with your support, we’ll continue to shatter this old record within the year. 

Aside from this little nugget of info, we’re also set to introduce a new quarterly program starting this April called “Inventing an Icon” and will run until May 18.

Here’s a brief rundown of what Inventing an Icon will be about:

Inventing an Icon (April-May): Posts and features looking back at iconic characters that helped define 20 years of PlayStation consoles.

If you’ve seen our previous theme, which was the Indie Games Showcase, then you might have a slight idea on what to expect. But this time, we’re not focusing on indie studios, but rather, on PlayStation characters/mascots and how they’ve changed the gaming landscape that we’re in today.

Needless to say, PlayStation LifeStyle is in an exciting spot right now and I’m very happy to be part of it all. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or on Twitter if you have anything to say, suggest or just want to shoot the breeze.

Thanks again for all your support, and I’m hoping you’ll like the awesome new content we have lined up.