Helldivers Update 1.04 Notes Revealed, to Allow DLC Packs to Be Shared Among Local Users

Arrowhead Studios has confirmed that Helldivers update 1.04 will be out soon, though the studio can’t say for certain exactly when since it needs to pass certification first.

However, even so, what they can reveal are the tweaks players can expect the moment the update rolls out, which you can read below.


DLC Packs (entitlements) can now be shared with local users.

Further improved cross-friends discoverability.

Fix for receiving missing trophies from participating in the last war.

People you have played with will show up in ‘recent players met’.

Improved colourblind support.

A multitude of fixes for community reported bugs.


Rebalanced Illuminate.

Rebalanced several stratagems.

Increased available number of Commends and Reports.

Arrowhead states that an updated “complete’ set of patch notes will be sent out the moment the update is live.

If you haven’t bought Helldivers yet, our review mentions how it’s a hard game, but one that’s fun.

[Source: PlayStation Forums]