Report: “Daily Rolling PSN Updates” Are a New Feature Kicking Off Tomorrow

Other than the Call of Duty DLC and occasional new games/DLC, the PlayStation Store in North America only receives new content on Tuesday afternoons.

Earlier today, Lab Zero Games announced that the Beowulf character will be added to Skullgirls Encore for free on PlayStation 3 this Friday, April 17. When people on Reddit questioned how this was possible given that the PS Store updates on Tuesday, Earlfriend from developer Lab Zero Games explained:

He’s really coming on Friday – we’ve confirmed it with Sony and everything! Daily rolling PSN updates are a new feature that’s just kicking off tomorrow, making us one of the first titles taking advantage it.

While this reported new feature doesn’t mean content will randomly release on any day of the week from now on instead of Tuesday, it does potentially mean developers have the option to do so.

Also, if you own a PC or Xbox 360, Beowulf is coming to your platform.

If Sony has anything to say about this new PSN feature, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Reddit, Skullgirls (Twitter) via Reddit]