Harmonix Plans to Support Old Guitar Hero Controllers in Rock Band 4

We sincerely hope you didn’t throw away your old Guitar Hero controllers when you heard earlier this week that Guitar Hero Live won’t support them. Why? Because Harmonix said so. Speaking to Business Insider, Project Director Daniel Sussman said that Harmonix plans to support all of the old Rock Band controllers as well as Guitar Hero controllers. He further stated:

Our position is really all about respect for our consumers and for the money that they have spent to get into the game space in the first place. They spend a fortune on games: on consoles, on hardware, and we’re sensitive to that. We play those games too. We buy all the same stuff. A world where you need to have three different guitars and two drum sets and all this stuff is…we don’t want to support that world.

When asked if the new Guitar Hero Live controller would work with Rock Band 4, Sussman said he believes it’s possible, but cannot confirm anything until the company has one in its office. 

Anyone still hanging on to their Guitar Hero controllers?

[Source: Business Insider]